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I got my first 35mm camera in 1987, when I was 19. I took photo classes at every school I attended but never majored in it, favoring sculpture as my medium of choice for communicating the things important to me. But the allure of photography for creating foreign, dreamscape atmospheres compelled me to learn about techniques of all sorts, darkroom and otherwise. I adore supersaturated color films, superfast black&white films, litho film contact printing, superclose-up surrealism, distortion of light, movement -- anything which makes life look all wrong (or at least a little off!) And no... PhotoShop, bless its heart, is not involved.

I have a theory that my interest in photography originated in the fact that I have badly nearsighted vision, and never had it corrected until I was 21. Looking at a photo in my hand was the only time I could clearly see distant scenes, textures, faces and details that had always been blurry to me in real life. The irony, of course, is that shortly after I got corrective lenses my photography went all blurry and hazy and surreal. I guess I wasn't as interested in real life as I thought.

I was fortunate to develop a relationship with independent record label Projekt, which has featured many of my photos as album art and band photos since 1990. I've also worked with Reconstriction, COP International, 21st Circuitry, Metropolis, and a few other labels; and in 1995 I was interviewed by Carpe Noctem Magazine. My photos have appeared in Alternative Press, Raygun, and Propaganda magazines.

Is it Art? I don't think so. It's shiny, sparkly, slurpy, gooey with candy syrup; or musty and hazy and ethereal as cobwebs.

It's meaningless, but delicious. Eat up!

Contact: susan@incisioncandy.com