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My work is fairly regular materials doing abnormal things. In many of these objects household items show up uninvited to make a rather out-of-place debut as a body part or sexual apparatus. Wax, leather, gauze, metal become flesh; wrench it,puncture it, offer it to the viewer like one offers a massage, a kiss, a bite, or oneself. These are objects inextricable from the flesh; they are sensual, luscious, pleasurable, and violent. Pain and pleasure are melded together, not to form a relationship of attraction and repulsion, but instead embodying a particular kind of attraction: Of pleasure, utterly visceral and enticing. Surgery, sex, food, and desire mingle with an injected humor, and perhaps an occasional social jab. A delicacy of hand, a subtlety, presides over all.

I have been driven to create these things by the demands of desire, hormones, fear, and an attraction to physical horror... all that my perceptions take in is like candy. I am a gleeful victim of my desires. I enjoy allowing a banal object to become some other signifier, reminiscent of something strange... in creating these I wanted to make the viewer aware of their physical self, even to feel some discomfort. I want them to feel the pleasure of themselves and the bodies around them, of the endless rushes of sensory reception, of the endless possibilities to receive information through the most rational of senses, and feel it fall heavy into the sinewy body of the mind.

Having said that, my new work is a combination of art, photography and package design. Rather than visceral and physical, it is shiny, colorful and full of reasons to laugh at yourself... and at every display of condoms, Velveeta, or Chia Pets you've ever seen. Watch for it here in the future...

Contact: susan@incisioncandy.com